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 Isolamin AB - Floating floors, wall and ceiling panels - About Us Isolamin AB - Clean room and Hygienic room wall and ceiling panels - About Us

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Isolamin AB – The Company

Isolamin AB are one of Europe´s leading and oldest supplier of products and customized solutions in the area of insulated panels, where there are strict requirements on sound reduction, stability, fire safety and quality.

Isolamin AB, which produces everything against order, has a wide product programme. The system of products are based completely on customer's requirements, often exactely "tailor made", and produced with modern production methods. The base product is a glued sandwich panel, which consists of a front plate of pure galvanised steel, painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium or PVC-laminated steel depending on customers requirements. These plates are roll-formed to an exact joint system and glued with a core of mineral wool or expanded polystyrene to the finished sandwich panel in our production lines. Flush windows in anodised or painted aluminium is also part of our supply.

All produced panels are packed in wooden crates logistically suitable for the customer. Necessary trims, corners, t-panels and inspection panels, are produced parallel in a separate line. The Isolamin products fulfils international high demands on:

  • Sound reduction
  • Sound absorption
  • Flush installation
  • Tight joint construction
  • Fire protection
  • Rigidity
  • Thermal conductance

Isolamin continuously test to further optimise the products and the production technology. The company has experienced personnel to quote and specify optimal solutions and produce on request complete engineering, take-off specification and installation drawings.

Isolamin AB

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S-972 35 Luleå
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