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We provide decision makers with a clear and informative list of pharmaceutical companies / suppliers from around the world. Each company has a detailed description of what they are about and what products and services they offer.

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 Pharmaceutical Projects 

Projects  in production or under development. A great place to go if you want to read about past or current projects and who worked on them and what the project was/is about.

 Products & Services 

A catalogue of products and services such as laboratory equipment, analytical equipment,clean rooms and supplies,  genetic analysis, process automation control components and chemicals.

 List of Pharmaceutical Companies / Suppliers A-Z 

An alphabetical listing of everyone in our directory. If you are looking for a particular company then this is the best place to start.  

 Discussion Forum    

Enter our discussion forum and talk about topics ranging from products and jobs, to books, research and education.

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Cardinal Health



Perkin Elmer


With a focus on building an online community our site has rolled out additional features such as a newsgroup listing, a useful links section, links to associations, a PR and news section, as well as a discussion forum where people from all areas of the  industry can meet and discuss topics of interest.

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